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Rogelio Moreno, Janette Valenzuela and Francisco Vazquez are the promoters of the first annual World Salsa Festival Los Angeles, May 22, 23 and 24, 2020. Their experience in teaching, choreographing, preforming, 

competing, judging, producing and coaching with their prospective dance companies

launched the Los Angeles Salsa scene onto the world stage.

They are the creators of LA’s first 3 professional international dance companies; Janette Valenzuela, Co-Founder of “Salsa Brava Dance Company”, Francisco Vazquez, Founder of “Los Rumberos Dance Company” and Rogelio Moreno, Founder of “Salsabor y Cache Dance Company”. Collectively, they have toured their prospective companies to Salsa Festivals, Puerto Rico, New York, Miami, Italy, Japan, Mexico, UK, France, Netherlands, Colombia and many more.

They have joined forces as a united front to continue a vision by Salsa Festival producers, their mentors, that influenced their careers, Eli Irizarry, creator of “El Congreso Mundial de la Salsa - Puerto Rico” and Albert Torres, creator of the “L A Salsa Festival.”

With the support of the LA Salsa and Bachata scene and abroad, the trio’s goal is to unite the community, throw an unforgettable party, and continue the tradition by planting seeds for future generations.


Que siga la tradición!

Salsa L. A. Style Pioneers

About The Event

The first annual World Salsa & Bachata Festival-Los Angeles will take place May 27, 28, 29, 2022 @ The Burbank Marriott Airport Convention. Save the DATES!! 

* World Class Workshops by Top LA and International Instructors that are MASTERS in their fields, including Basic/Beginner Bootcamp Salsa , Master Classes in Salsa and Bachata, specialty variety Latin classes, children’s classes on Fri, Sat, Sun from 11am to 3pm. Confirmed Artists/Dancers: 

*El Mulato y Su Swing Latino-Cali - Colombia *Bersy Cortez - Venezuela *Alejandro Rey and Erica Nicole - LA *Alma Latina Dance Company - Mexico *Stacey Lopez - Puerto Rico Mambo Legend *Rogelio Moreno - LA *Omambo Dance Company - LA *Janette Valenzuela - LA *Kathy Reyes - Bay Area *Mike Ticas & Christina Haggerty - LA *Jesus Aphonte - Puerto Rico/LA *Miguel Aguirre - LA *Charlie Antillon and Nicole Gil - LA *Javier Campines - LA *Francisco Vazquez - LA *Laura Luu - LA *Josie Neglia - LA *Liz Lira - LA *Tomas Olivera - Peru *Laura Cannelias - LA *Arlene Santos - LA *Eder Ivan - LA *Jo Quiñones - LA *Rosemarie Cruz - LA *Stephanie Stevenson - LA 

......and more to be continued 

LIVE BANDS Friday Son Mayor Reunion Saturday-Chino Espinosa y sus dueños del Son Sunday-Angelo Pagan 

DJs Super DJ Robby DJ Moreno DJ Victor Rumbero DJ Boss-Mexico DJ Charlie Antillon DJ So Nasty DJ Jimmy Rumba DJ Jackie Danza DJ Salsabor y Cache And more to confirm 

* The best pool parties mixing up Salsa/Bachata music with LA’s hottest DJs Fri, Sat, Sun from 12pm-6pm 

*Dance performances ALL evenings Fri, Sat, Sun 9-11pm (Only 20 dance performances per night) so you can dance more every night 

*LA’s hottest LIVE Salsa Bands! Every evening Fri, Sat, Sun 12pm to 1pm 

*DJ MAIN Ballroom Social Dancing 1am-4am Fri, Sat, Sun  Separate Salsa, Bachata and a Latin Mix Room! 

*After Party Dancing-4am-6am Fri, Sat, Sun  Buy your pre-sale tickets now! www.worldsalsafest.com/tickets