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A BIG THANK YOU from the World Salsa Fest 2022.


You all made this possible. We want to thank all the attendees for your loyal support and for spreading the word to all your friends and family and sharing all your excitement on social media in real time.

We want to thank all the people who purchased Early Bird tickets and patiently waited 2 long years for this festival.

We want to thank all our volunteers who stepped up to the plate and jumped into action to help us with many necessary tasks.

We want to thank all our amazing registration staff who worked around the clock to keep the festival organized and put together.

We want to thank all our backstage production team who did an amazing job with running the shows.

We want to thank ALL the directors, too many directors to name individually, but they know who they are for bringing their dance companies to perform.

We want to thank all the amazing dance instructors who brought their A-game. We received so much great feedback about the amazing workshops.

We want to thank all the DJ's who had all the dance rooms popping with great energy! We also want to thank our head DJ Robby for organizing all the DJ's.

We want to thank all our brilliant, talented bands of musicians and singers: Habana Kaliente for kick starting our Havana theme night. Guicho y La Tribu for elevating his show to a concert level performance and 7' Na Ma for closing the festival with a bang!

We want to thank all our sponsors for putting their faith in us. (and if you want to be a sponsor 2023 e-mail us at

On behalf of Rogelio Moreno, Francisco Vazquez and Janette Valenzuela we cannot thank you enough. This was our first festival. We are not going to lie, we had tremendous setbacks with the pandemic and so much pressure leading up to this event. We are so grateful everything came out beautifully, but most importantly, we are so happy that you enjoyed yourselves and want to return next year.

....and speaking of next year..... We secured major Salsa Artist VICTOR MANUELLE OMG!!. We are SO excited! Purchase your tickets now because we WILL sell out! >> TICKETS <<

See you next year.......Y........Que Siga La Tradicion!

-World Salsa Festival

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